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Crisp clean playing, buoyant orchestral interaction”

BBC Music Magazine

Educational projects

Music, whether playing it, listening to it, or creating it, involves almost all of our cognitive abilities. Science has shown the positive impact that music has on shaping the brain and stimulates children from a very young age how to communicate and cooperate together in a positive and playfull way.
We find it very important to share our profound love for music with the next generation and therefore have developed several educational shows and performed them in schools and concert halls throughout Europe (Vivaldi Four Seasons, The Nutcracker, The Devill’s violinist).
Right now, we are working on two new formats.

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“Their interpretation is a little miracle of artfully-expressive playing

Pizzicato, Luxembourg


‘The intimacy of chamber music combined with high end performances of the extended and rich repertoire written for string orchestra. That is what defines the vision of our dynamic ensemble. We love to surprise our audiences with off- the – grid programmes full of exploration and improvisation and share with them ‘our’ musical soul.’

The String Soloists is an dynamic international string ensemble based in Amsterdam, comprising 12 string players who perform under the leadership of artistic leader Lisa Jacobs. Their approach to music-making without a conductor is what distinguishes the group from the regular chamber orchestras. It demands intensive involvement from all the musicians.

Founded in 2015, The String Soloists have performed at all major venues in the Netherlands and extensively throughout Europe. Highlights of this season included a extensive series of concerts in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw and concert tours to Italy, Germany and France. Next season concerts in Copenhagen (Tivoli Concert Hall), Belgium and Germany are scheduled besides their activities in the Netherlands.

The repertoire of The String Soloists encompasses a variety of styles, ranging from Baroque to contemporary works. Alongside performances of the mainstream repertoire, the ensemble focusses on performing unjustly neglected works.

The composition of the ensemble enables them to play both as ensemble member and a soloist within the group. Besides their involvement in the String Soloists, all musicians individually are active members of the international music scene, both as chamber musicians and solo players.

The String Soloists have cooperated in several internationally acclaimed CD recordings for the Cobra Records label and are regular guests on all Dutch major radio and television shows with live concert registrations.

Lisa Jacobs (violin artistic leader), Emma Roijackers (violin concertmaster), Daniel Lee (violin), Nika Toskan (violin), Ivo Meinen (violin), Wan-Ru Cheng (violin), Katya Woloshyn, (viola), Maria Sofia Espiga (viola), Aleksandra Kaspera (cello), Isabel Vaz (cello), Jordi Carrasco Hjelm (bass), Lucas Faucher (bass), Jan van Grootheest (harpsichord).

Vital and delicate playing”

The Strad


June 26th 20.00

Middelburg, NL

Openingconcert International Music Festival Middelburg
With Lisa Jacobs, violin & Raoul Steffani, baritone

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August 16th 15.00

Copenhagen, DK

Tivoli Concerthall during Sommerklassiks Festival

October 4th 15.00

Haarlem, NL

Philharmonie Tapsconcert BOHEMIAN
With Lisa Jacobs, violin

November 27th 20.00

Enschede, NL

With Lauma Skride, piano & Lisa Jacobs, violin

November 28th 20.15

Haarlem, NL

Philharmonie MENDELSSOHN
With Lauma Skride, piano & Lisa Jacobs, violin

December 4th 20.00

Rijssen, NL

With Lisa Jacobs, violin

March 27th 20.15

Rhenen, NL

With Lisa Jacobs, violin

March 28th 15.00

Oudenbosch, NL

With Lisa Jacobs, violin

“Their approach to playing without a conductor distinguishes them from mainstream chamber orchestras. It demands an intensive involvement from all musicians and the result is phenomenal

Klassiek Centraal, Belgium

Spectacular played concertos”

Fanfare Magazine, USA



The String Soloists

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